Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Here's a thought...

I went for a walk today which involved me climbing and crossing Cleeve Hill. It was pretty clear, and so I could see, way out to the West, the Skirrid and Sugarloaf Mountain near Abergavenny. Now from doing Spa2Summit I reckon that's probably 35-40 miles. Assuming that I could see the same distance in every direction (which wasn't possible with Cleeve Hill, the Malverns etc in the way) but just say I could, that would mean I could see something in the region of 3800-5000 square miles of ground. That's a lot of ground.


  1. I'm fairly sure it's possible to see the Brecon's and Black mountains from up there, or at least from Lecky. Also the hills up in Shropshire are visible beyond the Malverns, I think you can identify The Wreakin. That is much further than your initial calculation.
    A radius of 70miles would make it around 48000 sq miles!

    It is a thought all the same. Nice

  2. In a straight line Pen-y-Fan is 60 miles from Cheltenham, so if you could see that, and on a super clear day you might just, I think that's about 11500 square miles. That's if you could see that far in every direction, which you can't :(

  3. well you can see the moon which is 250,000 miles away, the sun which is 93,000,000 miles away, why limit yourself to two dimensions? As Jon Anderson said, "On a clear night, you can see forever". Now that is a thought!