Friday, 30 October 2009

Time for some piccies...

Thought it might be time to put up some more pics on to the blog so here I go!

This was taken on Cleeve Hill. The "zoom" effect was created in-camera simply by using a long exposure and pulling the zoom whilst the shutter was open. Top left is a bit burnt out but I really like the effect overall.

Taken on the side of Pen Yr Ole Wen in Snowdonia, this is little fronds of heather(?) encapsulated in ice. Totally unexpected, but really beautiful!

Shot from Bournemouth Pier with a Sigma 70-300 lens that cost me £40, I am really pleased with this image. No idea who the guy surfing is, and it breaks the "Rule of Thirds" but I still like it.

Tribute to Andy Goldsworthy..?

And to keep Mr. North happy, these cornflowers were shot "old School style", i.e. with a film camera! Shame the top flower is cut by a stem, I'd spot that now!

Pembroke Spray. I zoomed in on the shot to create a plain background to show the spray more clearly. A restful shot I think.

That's it for now, see you later!


  1. Good work as usual mr K.

    Rules are there to be broKEN. That surfer photo is good because the wave acts as a perfect background.
    That pile of stones is excellent. It is really nicely isolated in the frame, both colour and focus. Well done

    And thanks for the cornflowers :-)

  2. I like our talent being wasted it feels luxurious and reckless:)
    Love the icy heather, you sir are a man of hidden depth and subtlety, wish it wasn't quite so well hidden when your wailing on me for being a lazy hypochondriac chubber with no right to the precious gift of life:)