Friday, 27 November 2009


Some more French photos.
First up "Tribute To Rothko", taken in a side street in Sanary sur Mer.

This one was another from my acclaimed series "Images of Le Castellet"!

Comments and criticism(?) welcome as always...


  1. Kenburg, I love the top one! It'd look right cool on a wall. I mean, I know it is already because it's a door but I mean the image itself - blown up and put on a frame. My one gripe is I don't like the angle of the ground. Any way of tilting it so it's more level (obviously this will tilt the upper horizontal line - is there some happy medium?)

    Lots of love,

  2. It's a tricky one. As you say, to straighten the bottom line wonkys up the middle rail. I'm investigating what Photoshop might be able to do, although I have to confess to not minding the angle...

  3. The P word. I don't mind the tilt, though I'd probably have shot it straight on. I love the colours

  4. The tilt on the first photo is actually the slope of the street, I was pretty square on to the wall for the shot. I think the second shot is let down a little by the tilt of the door but to avoid that I would (1) need to be 14' tall or (2) have a Nikon 45mm f2.8 D PC-E lens but they are £1400!

  5. I did wonder! How could I have doubted you?

    Tilt -shift lenses do cost a lot. Here's a diy solution.

  6. Of course you do, you poor love-crazed octagenarian!