Wednesday, 18 November 2009

France II

Le Castellet is a very attractive little village just a few miles from Toulon. This shot was taken there, looking south:

We went to St. Tropez where there are millions of euros' worth of boats moored up. I did get a few shots of them (and a little purple jellyfish that was bobbing about in the harbour) but I'm going to put this one up for your delectation:


  1. Groovey Pics K, crane seems a little dark though

  2. We had our honeymoon just outside Toulon in the small town of Hyeres. It's lovely round there. I look forward to seeing some more photos of your trip. That crane hook could have been taken anywhere!

  3. We like it there. When we first went to that part of the world, we stayed at Sanary sur Mer which we really liked, not too big or touristy, just a relaxed little coastal town. It's all very pleasant along that stretch of coast...